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Frequently Asked Questions

No charges are made for simply buying any item from our site.
Our advice is be realistic! You are unlikely to return any where near the cost you paid for a new dress. The older the dress the less value and condition plays a large part. If the dress has not been dry cleaned then it will not fetch as much as the buyer will have to cover this cost. We suggest the lower the starting price the more interest you will get, and the more likely buyers will start to bid on your item.

Make sure the item is well photographed and be honest. More pictures attract buyers and really help sell the item. Use your own pictures and please do not use pictures from other sites as these can be subject to copyright.

Good Luck!
We use a flat pricing fee of 99p per item listed. There are small additional costs if you want to promote your item in the listings or feature on our home page. We have to make small charges for this as otherwise all users would take these options. There are no final sale fees or commissions to pay.